ISLAND STYLE:  Tropical rugs, used in all 3 variations of this tropical home decor, help to establish the tropical theme choice. Other tropical accents (such as pineapple and/or palm tree art, lamps, pillows) further enhance the island decor theme. Tropical silk palms do wonders, and ceiling fans (decorative + functional) are a must!

  ~  A West Indies style room (colonial Caribbean) is traditional with tropical embellishments. Wall decor often consists of antique maps or botanical prints.
  ~  Hawaii's classic island style is generally more contemporary and lighter in scale with tropical florals often predominant in fabrics and/or art.
  ~  Tommy Bahama's look is more of a hybrid of many tropical home decor styles. Art subjects range from palms to parrots, or even monkeys (regularly seen scampering about the island of Barbados).
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3 colors avail. - see Metro series
2 colors
3 colors avail.